Our Story


we are a mother-daughter duO

... who share a passion for capturing life’s beautiful moments. You can find us spending time with family, traveling the world, or taking nature walks with our two Australian Shepherds (camera in hand of course!). Mary Jane’s interest in photography sparked when she was young and anyone who knows her, knows that her camera has always been attached to her hand. Thanks to her mother, Mauryah Jane has had a camera in her face since the day she was born. Soon enough, she too discovered her passion for photography and together, they decided to turn their passion into a profession. Their skills and creative eye are always complimenting each other, making them the perfect dynamic duo.

“We want our clients to be excited about photos the way we are. We believe they should capture the little things and bring you back to that exact time and place, long after that moment has vanished. We want you to be able to hold onto those memories because life moves too quickly and our kids grow up too fast, but what we capture in a photo, will forever last.”

Niagara, ONtario | Lakes Area, MInnesota